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Swooping Magpie will cease trading at our cellar-door by early-October 2016.

A new winemaker family business will commence with their own label soon after that.


Neil, Michele, Helen and Jacqui would like to thank all our fabulous customers and visitors over the past few years.

We thoroughly enjoyed hosting you here.

And we loved the many favourable, fun comments in our visitors book.

We are also very proud of being awarded Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for 3 years in a row.


But it's time to move on, and Neil is taking a break from the industry, but may be back in a different way in the future.

The cafe is closed already, but we're open to clear wine, soft drinks, merchandise and gourmet foods.

We will have some great specials as we clear our stock, especially our Cabernet Franc with a case price never seen before.

We hope to see many of you before we finish next weekend.

Cheers and thanks again.